Flying service starter | © Harald Höllrigl
Flying service main course | © Harald Höllrigl
Flying service starter | © Harald Höllrigl
Flying service dessert | © Harald Höllrigl
Flying Service
As the contemporary service form par excellence, the "flying service" is increasingly making its mark. The decisive factor is the manageability of a dish: if it can be eaten by a guest standing up and without a table, then it is suitable for the flying service.
The flying service seeks out the guests there, where they are currently to be found. If, on account of the event's character, they are currently on the move, then the culinary service quite literally "flies" after them. The flying service therewith corresponds to the zeitgeist of life in the fast lane, in which the culinary aspect may be "incidental" in the finest sense.
Flying service is thus recommended for all events with this type of movement character, such as an art gallery private view, in which the guests naturally wander from artwork to artwork. However, it is also an effective possibility when the premises don't permit any fixed culinary stations (such as a buffet or tables for a menu).
The flying service is optimally combined with finger food and with the buffet, since these usually concern small dishes.