Live cooking station | © Harald Höllrigl
Live cooking | © Harald Höllrigl
Live cooking | © Harald Höllrigl
Live cooking main course | © Harald Höllrigl
Live Cooking
A special buffet station is created with the so-called "live cooking" (also known as "front cooking"): Our chefs freshly prepare a dish in front of the guests' eyes.
There is much scope for creativity here: For example, barbecues and ice stations lend themselves to summer events, whilst Swiss raclette, Viennese "kaiserschmarrn" and Tyrolean mulled wine are perfect for the winter months. Also conceivable are wok dishes, apple strudel and bread specialities, to mention just a few.
Live stations can represent the event's entire catering or just a part of it. They may also be combined with all other types of service. For example, after the starters and main dishes, it is very popular to present the dessert as a live station within the traditional menu service.
Live stations are attractive for diverse reasons: In this way, the guests have the unique opportunity to peer over the shoulders of a top chef; the live station represents a small event within the event for them. In addition, the culinary treats are preceded by intense visual and olfactory impressions, with the effect that all senses are appealed to.