Butter served three ways with menu starter | © Harald Höllrigl
Menu service starter | © Harald Höllrigl
Menu service dessert | © Harald Höllrigl
Menu service dessert | © Harald Höllrigl
Our Passion For Your Pleasure
CULINARIUM Catering GmbH was created by Austrian-born Harald Höllrigl, following a career spanning many years in the world of haute cuisine. Höllrigl was elevated to chef de cuisine at the illustrious Borchardt restaurant, as well as in the Berlin branch of the internationally renowned catering company Do&Co. It is also in this top-quality segment that CULINARIUM Catering has made its mark.
Our focus is naturally on the culinary aspect, since it is here that we have our roots. However for many years we have also been overseeing the entire management for events of different sizes and importance, and are thus delighted to create a "complete package" for you, one that may also comprise further event elements – in addition to the décor and furnishings.
Trust plays a large part in deciding to commission someone with the catering, which is precisely why we continually seek to gain our customers' trust. We are delighted by your interest and are always personally at your service.