Chef during live cooking | © Harald Höllrigl
Chef at a dessert station | © Harald Höllrigl
Chef during live cooking | © Harald Höllrigl
Service personnel | © Harald Höllrigl
Team & Partner
The heart of our company
CULINARIUM was created by Austrian-born Harald Höllrigl, following a career spanning many years in the world of haute cuisine. Höllrigl was elevated to chef de cuisine at the illustrious Borchardt restaurant, as well as in the Berlin branch of the internationally renowned catering company Do&Co.
Alongside managing director Harald Höllrigl, our chef de cuisine, Martin Knappe, has meanwhile become the company's second most important pillar. Our entire team is characterised by a polite, discreet and simultaneously friendly manner. It goes without saying that we only engage qualified and reliable personnel.
Our preferred partners
We have naturally honed our skills in the culinary sector and it is here that we offer you the utmost quality. In order to achieve such a high standard for the totality of your event, we fundamentally seek out those partners, as companions to our creations, whom are able to complement us in their area of expertise.
The collaboration with diverse partners has already been proven time and again. Among our preferred partners is the event agency artribute.